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Hi, I'm Lauren and welcome to Bertie's Bakehouse!

My journey into the world of baking began a few years ago, purely as a hobby. It was my little escape, a way to channel my creativity and experiment in my kitchen.

I never imagined that my weekend baking would evolve into anything more than sharing treats with friends and family. However, with each creation, I decorated and every new technique I mastered, my passion for baking grew. I'm proud to say I'm a completely self-taught baker and decorator. Through countless hours of practice and endless curiosity, I've learned the art of making treats that not only taste delicious but look stunning too.

What started as a hobby has blossomed into Bertie's Bakehouse. This business is my dream realized, a chance to share my love for baking with you. Every item we offer is crafted with the same love and care that went into those early bakes shared with loved ones.

Thank you for stopping by our website. At Bertie's Bakehouse, we're dedicated to bringing a bit of joy into your life through our creations, each one made with a sprinkle of creativity and a heap of passion. I can't wait for you to experience them.

10/10 couldn't recommend enough. Looks and tastes amazing, so happy with my cake. Really customisable and personal too!
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